Biolab Umweltanalysen, Braunschweig, Akkreditierung


  • BIOLAB Umweltanalysen, Braunschweig, Weihnachtsgruß 2018
December 2018

BIOLAB wishes a merry Christmas and sends season’s greetings!

  • BIOLAB Umweltanalysen, Braunschweig, Titrator-Staende
October 2018

Capacity boost for pH stat titrations

We deploy four new titrator stands (Tritroline® 7000 from SI Analytics) for the determination of acid neutralization capacity (ANC) using the pH stat method (LAGA standard EW 98 P).

This addition enables us to cope with the increasing need for ANC analysis.

  • BIOLAB Umweltanalysen, Braunschweig Akkreditierung 6.09.2018
September 2018

Accreditation cycle completed

A new certificate, valid until July 13, 2020, was issued by the German Accreditation Body.

In addition to the existing test procedures, the following new procedures have been included:

-   Metals with ICP-MS
-   Sampling and analysis of process/cooling water according to 42nd BlmSchV (Germany’s Emission Control Directive)


  • BIOLAB Umweltanalysen Braunschweig, Firmenlauf 2018
  • BIOLAB Umweltanalysen Braunschweig, Firmenlauf 2018
  • BIOLAB Umweltanalysen Braunschweig, Firmenlauf 2018
  • BIOLAB Umweltanalysen Braunschweig, Firmenlauf 2018
August 2018

2018 company run: “We did it!”

BIOLAB ran – On August 22, 2018, our “Lab Runner” team participated in the 10th Braunschweig Company Run.

Braving tropical temperatures, 15 colleagues – together with 5,000 participants from 250 companies – set off on the 5 kilometre long route.

Although the preparation phase was fairly short, all 15 of our highly motivated runners crossed the finish line and now look forward to next year’s run.

  • BIOLAB, Umweltanalysen, Braunschaweig, ICP-Labor erweitert
May 2018

ICP laboratory upgraded

We have enhanced our equipment base for metal analysis.

Two new ICP-MS (Agilent ICP-MS 7800 and Thermo Scientific XSeries 2) with upstream preparation and dilution equipment complement our existing analytical capabilities.

These new instruments support measurements down to the nanogram range, with faster processing and a higher sample throughput.

  • BIOLAB Umweltanalysen, Braunschweig, Firmenlauf-2018
April 2018

2018 Braunschweig Company Run

BIOLAB takes part on August 22, 2018


  • BIOLAB Umweltanalysen, Braunschweig, Ringversuch Asbest
March 2018

We passed the round robin test for asbestos!

The REM (scanning electron microscopy, SEM) department has successfully participated in the two international round robin tests, AIMS Rd 64 (asbestos – qualitative in material samples) and LACS Rd 3 (asbestos – quantitative in material samples).


  • BIOLAB Umweltanalysen, Braunschweig, Trinkwasserhygiene
March 2018

Drinking water hygiene experience workshop

The Regional Energy Agency e. V. (REA) informed some 50 participants on March 13, 2018 at Solvis GmbH in a "drinking water hygiene experience workshop."

Prof. Dr. Stefan Grube from the School of Supply Engineering at Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences gave an introduction to drinking water hygiene. Martin Müller von der Haegen, BIOLAB Umweltanalysen GmbH, provided information on the sampling and analysis of drinking water.


  • BIOLAB Umweltanalysen, Braunschweig
January 2018

Our SEM laboratory has been upgraded

In order to be able to respond flexibly to customer requests and deadlines in the future, we have added another scanning electron microscope (SEM) to our arsenal.

In addition to our proven FEI Quanta 400 and PHILIPS XL 30, a PHILIPS XL 40 has been put into operation as the third SEM at the turn of the year!