Biolab Umweltanalysen, Braunschweig, Akkreditierung

Sampling vessels


We provide you with sampling vessels that we have tested for their suitability. If required, we also prepare them with the necessary preservatives.

Polyurethane boxes, cooler bags and cooler boxes are provided for the shipment of samples. On request, we will collect your samples. If we have concluded a blanket agreement with you, this service is free of charge.

We can guarantee two delivery times. Usually we need a processing time of 5 working days. Optionally and at a surcharge, we will supply your results within 24 hours.

As our customer, you are welcome to download our order form. Various information sheets, e.g. on the sample quantities we require, are also available.

The following sampling vessels are available

Vessels for solid samples

  • 720 ml  white glass
  • 100 ml + 258 ml  brown glass
  • 5 l + 10 l  buckets
  • 3 different sizes of bags

Vessels for water samples

  • 100 ml  PE
  • 100 ml  BG
  • 1 l  green glass
  • 500 ml  green glass
BIOLAB Umweltanalysen, Braunschweig, Probengefaesse
BIOLAB Umweltanalysen, Braunschweig, Probengefaesse