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Asbestos – man-made mineral fibres

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    Asbestos sampling

Proper sampling is a prerequisite so that waste can be declared correctly, the disposal route can be established, site rehabilitation concepts can be prepared, hazardous situations can be identified, and occupational health and safety measures can be defined.


The sampling quality is key to the significance of the analytical results.

As a complement to demolition, renovation and repair work, the taking of material samples is excluded from the ban on handling asbestos in accordance with the Hazardous Substances Ordinance.

As a matter of principle, sampling is performed by trained and skilled personnel only (expert knowledge as per TRGS 519 Annex 3 / DAkkS accredited laboratory).

Asbestos in technical products

Due to the widespread use of asbestos in various materials, it is impossible to provide a complete overview. Typical uses of asbestos on technical products include:

  • Fabrics for clothing and blankets
  • Fire protection panels
  • Sprayed asbestos
    (e.g. sheathing of steel girders, weakly bonded fibres)
  • Asbestos cement
  • Roofing
  • Facade cladding
  • Wall components
  • Tubular shapes
    (ventilation, waste water)
  • Flooring
  • Glues and bonding agents
  • Paint coatings
  • Seals
Occupational health and safety aspects

When planning the sampling approach, as much information as possible about the entity to be sampled must be gathered, e.g.:

  • Year built (indicates whether and what types of products containing asbestos or man-made mineral fibrous materials might be present)
  • Remediation measures carried out so far (when, where and what?)
  • Usage (e.g. industrial complex, indication/evidence of potentially asbestos-containing screeds, school, special sensitivities on the part of staff and parents)
  • Presence or assumed presence of products containing asbestos or man-made mineral fibres



Following an on-site inspection and/or as per the customer’s specification, the sampling method is defined and sampling is performed as per the instructions set forth in VDI 3866, Sheet 1, including diligent documentation.