Biolab Umweltanalysen, Braunschweig, Akkreditierung


  • BIOLAB Umweltanalysen, Braunschweig
December 2021

BIOLAB boosts!

On 10.12. BIOLAB Umweltanalysen GmbH in cooperation with the company physician Dr. med. Matthias Franke held an in-house vaccination marathon.

This booster vaccination offer has been used by 77 company employees and their friends/family members.

With this campaign, the company wants to fulfill its social responsibility and duty of care for its employees and their families.

  • BIOLAB Lastenrad
June 2021

Environmentally friendly on sampling

Since spring, another sampling vehicle has entered the Biolab fleet. It is a Load 60 cargo bike from the manufacturer Riese & Müller.

This vehicle has already been used several times to demonstrate how customer visits in the Braunschweig city area can be carried out in an environmentally friendly, health-promoting, parking space-saving and fun way using self-produced electricity.

This cargo bike was funded by the City of Braunschweig's 2020 program for cargo bikes and cargo pedelecs.

  • BIOLAB Umweltanalysen, Braunschweig, Rasterelektronenmikroskop
January 2021

New scanning electron microscope!

At the beginning of the year, another electron scanning microscope went into operation at Biolab Umweltanalysen GmbH. Thus, the accustomed standard in the field of fast and high-quality asbestos analysis can be ensured even with increasing demands.

This is again a desktop scanning electron microscope of the type Phenom XL, after the first instrument has already proven itself for more than 1.5 years. This latest development stage (Generation 2) is again characterized by a large sample chamber (up to 36 samples) and fast sample changes. An optimized user interface offers many new performance features.